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Shree Sarweshwar Ayurvedshala

RootVeda Keshkuntal Tailum

RootVeda Keshkuntal Tailum

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RootVeda Keshkuntal Tailum is 100% ayurvedic hair oil. It is prepared with JATAMASI, BHRIGRAJ, and other natural ingredients. Keshkuntal Tailum is a natural hair oil infused with a unique blend of Ayurvedic herbs and oils. This potent formula nourishes the hair from root to tip, promoting hair growth, preventing hair fall, and reducing dandruff. It strengthens the hair follicles, adds shine, and improves the overall health of the scalp. Keshkuntal Tailum is suitable for all hair types and is free from harmful chemicals and preservatives. This oil helps in repairing hair, thickens hair, and prevents hair fall. It can be used daily. Results have shown that regular usage of this oil helps in hair growth, preventing hair fall, thickens hair, and keeps the scalp healthy. It is 100% ayurvedic with no side effects. 

How to Use :- 

  1. Take 15-20 drops of oil
  2. Apply it on scalp
  3. Massage gently
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Muskan Raut
I highly recommend this product to anyone in search of a natural solution for dry hair

I've struggled with dry, frizzy hair for as long as I can remember, but this hair oil has changed the game for me. Since using this oil, my hair feels softer, smoother, and more hydrated. The herbal ingredients provide nourishment from within, leaving my hair looking and feeling healthier than ever.

Arti Shivare
This product has exceeded my expectations

I've been dealing with hair loss for years, but this oil has helped me regain confidence in my hair. Not only has it reduced shedding, but it has also improved the overall health of my scalp. I love the herbal scent and find the oil easy to apply.

Yashvi Parmar
I'm extremely satisfied with this product

I've struggled with hair thinning for years, but RootVeda Keshkuntal Tailum has made a noticeable difference. My hair feels thicker and stronger, and I've experienced less breakage since using this oil. The herbal scent is refreshing, and I enjoy the calming effect of massaging it into my scalp.

Preet Kaur
This oil has truly improved the health of my scalp and hair

This oil has been a lifesaver for my dry scalp. Not only does it provide relief from itching and flakiness, but it also nourishes my hair, leaving it soft and manageable. I appreciate that it's made with natural ingredients, as I prefer to avoid harsh chemicals.

Parul Kalra
Very good for hair

I've been using this Tailum for several months now, and I'm amazed by the results. My hair used to be dull and prone to breakage, but this oil has transformed it into shiny, strong locks. I love that it's free from harmful chemicals, and the natural fragrance is a bonus. This oil has earned a permanent spot in my hair care regimen.